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IMAC was founded in 1989  and is based in Spokane, Washington, USA. The company's first product was a paint mix system designed to provide the end user with IMAC proprietary technology for the repair of paint chips and scratches. (Today, our competition still uses this antiquated method of providing their technology to their operators, even franchise owners).

When the technology was introduced, it was immediately accepted by auto dealers nationwide as a simple, low cost repair for improving the appearance while increasing the value of their vehicle inventory. Outside vendors acquired IMAC systems rapidly to tap into this demanding auto renovation market. Dealerships noted this repair significantly increased sales due to the improved appearance. Paint chip repair is now considered a standard service in the auto renovation industry.

In 1994, the company expanded its paint repair process to capture the untapped market of thousands of auto related businesses (auto detail shops, carwash centers, etc.) wanting to increase revenues utilizing this remarkable paint chip repair process without the large capital expenditure or training previously required.

IMAC was the first company to develop the Airless method for PCR, the "shoe-polish" cloth technique, the Squeegee Application method and the Pre Mixed method for this widely accepted repair.

This new product utilized all aspects of their innovative process. In so doing, the system was reduced in size, cost, and the time of repair while increasing production and doubling revenues. Once launched, this repair process has changed the way paint chip repair work is done worldwide.

Today, IMAC is a leader in its businesses, streamlined and efficient and on the leading edge of new technologies to provide a growth-focused, global future.

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