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Here's what our dealers say about IMAC.

"We've been using the IMAC System series for a year now and are overly pleased with the consistency and quality of the work. This process is so simple our unskilled staff does all our repairs.
-Ron Benocronte, Stevens Creek Honda

"One of the things we like best is that you can hardly tell the car's been touched up when it's finished - there are no tell-tale blobs!"
-Gordon McDonald, Frontier Infinity

Cost Savings!

"The ability to completely eliminate our vendor cost was never an option... until the IMAC series of touch up systems was introduced. It's a "no brainer" taking money from my right pocket and placing it back into my left pocket"
-- Donald Frankton, Maryville Lexus
"I had no idea we could pay for this system so quickly... 2.5 months!"
-- B. Southern, Southern Ford

"What convinced us about this unique system is IMACs de-mystifying the paint chip repair technology. We now have our entry level employees doing this repair, and they love it! No other system would allow us to do this."
-- R. Berkshire, Empire Chrysler
"With our old vendor, we only painted 30% of our inventory. Now we touch up every vehicle requiring this repair. The savings are huge!"
-- S. Delaney, Tarkington Auto Mall

"It's about time this technology has been reduced to the KISS theory. IMAC provided everything we needed to get started in our facility and continues to make this repair as simple as possible. Thanks guys... what took you so long?"
-- F. Williamson, Honda City

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