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IMAC Paint Chip Repair for Fixed Locations

See the repair done, step by step and learn how it can make you money.



A revolutionary new approach to paint chip repair service for fixed location operations only.

90% of all vehicles on the road today have chips and scratches that need repair.

Now you can offer this add-on business right in your own shop.

For the FIRST TIME you don't need expensive equipment, with training at your shop: i.e., NO travel required! (training is available if you desire from a variety of training facilities in the USA, Europe, S.Africa, Australia/New Zealand, and S.E.Asia). And toll-free tech support if needed.

With IMAC's paint system you can complete professional looking repairs in only 15 minutes or less without paint codes or the complicated process of mixing paint colors! It's so simple to learn you can be making repairs the same day you get your kit!

We've made chip repair easy to do, affordable and profitable. Everything you need comes in two tool boxes - no cabinets, electrical outlets, paint codes, microfiche, scales or color manuals needed. Just match the paint with one of our base colors (our PCR200 Series system comes with 200 premixed colors, a rainbow of the most common colors) and remove the excess paint in seconds with our process others are trying to duplicate.

A repair take from 10-45 minutes (depending on the extent of damage) and grosses you $50-$80, with a material cost of $0.50 to $3.00 per car!

See what our dealers say, learn more about the product, or send for more information.

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