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Licensing the IMAC System

IMAC - A Premier Company in the Auto Industry IMAC is recognized as a premier business opportunity worldwide. The fact that IMAC management listens so carefully to its Licensee's is why we will continue in this position.

A Partnership Relationship Our Licensing Program is built on the premise that IMAC can be successful only if our Licensee's are successful first. We believe in a partnering relationship with our owner/operators, suppliers and employees. Success from IMAC flows from the success of its business partners.

An Equal Opportunity Business IMAC is, by choice, an equal opportunity business to all segments of society. IMAC is currently seeking highly qualified individuals to join the IMAC family as a new Licensee both in the USA and International markets.

WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR Our selection of prospective Licensee's is based on an assessment of your overall business experience and personal qualifications. We look for individuals with good "common business sense", and a history of previous success in business and life endeavors. Strong work ethic and a desire to succeed is required. We license only individuals, not to corporations, partnerships or passive investors. Financial strength is a must. A painting background is not necessary.

Types of Licenses IMAC offers Three (3) types of Designated Marketing Areas (DMA) Licenses.

  • Rural DMA License (rural areas of the USA)
  • Operator DMA License (limited size areas in major cities, lower start-up cost)
  • Regional DMA License (you own a larger area and can build multiple operations within the area).

1. Rural DMA License - This License is designed for rural areas of the USA where dealerships in the area are spread out among multiple smaller towns.

2. Operator DMA License-

As an Operator DMA Licensee, you can work from your own vehicle providing hands-on paint chip repair service to auto dealerships, rental cars and other fleet operators in your established area. Normal territories are 20 franchised auto dealerships. Unlike our competition, these are protected areas. If desired, a REVENUE GUARANTEE OPTION is available in this relationship.

3. Regional DMA License -

As a Regional DMA License you have the opportunity to purchase large geographical areas in the USA. Regions are defined by state boundaries or county boundaries. You are free to operate and design your business as you choose. For example, establishing your own "company owned operators" or establish sub licensees in their region. Total freedom to operate, as you desire.

Cost Breakdown
  BRONZE (10 dealerships min.) SILVER(20 dealerships min.) GOLD(30 dealerships min)  
Licensee Fee: $7,500 $12,500 $16,000
Vehicle* $0(your choice) $0 (your choice) $0 (your choice)
Set Up Fees $0 $0 $0
Equipment PCR150 colors PCR220 colors PCR220 colors
Training**: Variable Variable Variable
Financing 50% 50% 50%
Supplies 0% discount 5% discount 10% discount
Monthly Fee 200/mo 1st yr. $250/mo 1st yr $300/mo 1st yr


* Any Van of your choice or small pick-up truck, no more than 3 years old is recommended.
** In one of the two (2) locations in the USA . (Optional 3 day training at your location is available additional fee based on travel related expenses). Normal training cost runs $2,000, including travel expenses and fees.


Master License Programs Available -Costs $100,000.00 - $50,000.00 Financing up to 50% -
Specific geographic Location: Country, State or Metro Areas
8 PCR 220 Kits - Allocated on payment
2 PCR 150 Kits
Able to receive license fees from territory licensees
Able to market secured territory
Obtain 25% discount on paints and chemicals
Receive all profits from initial kit sales within designated territory
Master License Fee (Min. $500.00 + $75.00 per active kit)


Based on your desires - this gives you the ability to determine your desired income level. This is a critical issue for IMAC operators to prevent staff or others from intrusion into your market.


IMAC with eleven (11) years of experience has tested its technology against the competition in all market segments to prove their service is superior while providing a faster production rate consistently. This yields a higher quality repair service for less cost to your customer. Our point: quality and price are the two most important features from a dealership perspective. The third and fourth are service and relationships: We teach these also.


Our administration is still managed by the founder and all trainers have years of experience to assure your success


The entire system is proprietary, all paints, chemicals and methods.


On going since inception.


We provide extensive training in all aspects (either at one of our multiple training centers or in the field at your location with our Certified Trainers) over a three (3) to four (4) day period.


800 telephone support and trainers that will come into your area to assist if necessary.



This is only available with our Operator DMA License program. NO other company offers a guarantee in our industry. Period! Think about it! Then think about it again! Only IMAC makes such an offer. We simply know we can deliver if you meet our requirements.


Training time: 4 days or less. More if desired.

Our training program is proven in the marketplace with years of testing and perfecting. We will not waste your time. Rather, we will reveal to you how the IMAC method will beat out the competition and leverage you into making serious incomes in a short period of time.

90% of our training is OJT (on-the-job training...where the rubber meets the road) and 10% classroom setting. The training session will include no more that 1 other Licensee-in-training per training session. (This means you get very personal training...unlike our competition group training sessions with up to 12 other trainees). We will teach you all aspects of the "real" business, including:


Preliminary evaluation of the prospective dealerships; Evaluation of the competitions workmanship, pricing, end product; How/when to approach the auto dealership, who to speak with, when not to approach them; Complete introduction of the service to actual demonstration of our unique process/product/end result; how to close or how to follow up and close later; How to secure the business; How to maintain the business; How to set up strategic relationship with other vendors. All aspects of the technology, from repairing chips to scratches, including bumper (limited) and other repair processes. All proven methods utilized by successful operators in the field daily.

Business Aspect All aspects of writing the order to invoicing, billing the customer, sending statements and collection of revenues. And, how to reorder all products, handling of materials from safety aspects to maintaining the inventory. And more.

Consideration IMAC (Operators Licensee) Others (Comparative package)  
REVENUE GUARANTEE Option yes absolutely not
Less cost to begin business yes no
Fastest Return on your capital investment yes no
Faster Start up Time days weeks
Less Working Capital required yes no
Vehicle cost $0 $23,000
Vehicle set up fees $0 $15,000
Lower cost of re-supplies 2-5% of gross 5-8% of gross
Monthly fees $300/mo** 30-65% gross
Less Training time 4 days max. 2 weeks+
Less living expenses during training only 4 days exp. 2 weeks exp.
Ease of training staff 2 hours weeks
Training Facilities Choices 2 (more in development) 1
Training at your location option yes no
Initial territory size 20 dealerships 6 dealerships
Protected Territories for Licensee yes no
Higher Quality of Repair yes no
Faster Production rate 12-25 cars/day 5-7 cars/day
Higher revenues per day yes no
Focused Business objective yes no
Better Service to Dealership yes no

**$400/mo 2nd year, $500/mo 3rd year and thereafter.


This option, available only on the Operator DMA License Program, offers a 50% refund of your original IMAC investment if you do not achieve at least $5,000/mo in revenues by the end of your first year.

The IMAC Revenue Guarantee Option is a one-year commitment for both parties. Full details will be discussed prior to acceptance of your licensing agreement. You may call us directly at 1-800-945-4532 if you have any questions on this guarantee option.

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