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IMAC has been in business since 1989, George H.W Bush was just elected president, The first Batman movie came out and Paula Abdul was at the top of the charts.  We have been perfecting our process and systems for almost 30 years!  We’re here to stay in support of your business.
We know the industry well since we are the originators of the technology for both commercial and retail users.  Therefore we can offer a paint chip repair system to meet your needs.  Our ability to provide the system you need for your success is what we have done best for all these years. We offer standard kits of course or  Taylor-made system which is our forte, and our passion, including formulating our own proprietary paints utilizing the highest quality toner systems on the market.  We know what you need when it comes to this specialized industry. 
IMAC refuses to franchise this opportunity as others may do.  There is no need for this as you have the ability to run your own business the way you want, successfully, without “corporate interference” to your bottom line.  In other words, you don't need to spend extra money on franchise fees or protected areas, rather, we prefer you spend it on our high quality paints to generate more profits!
This business decision has worked successfully for us since day One!


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