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The Best Automotive Touch-up Paint
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What we offer?

Only The Highest Quality Paints


Decades of Experience

Best paint for the job

Notes on Thousands of Paint Formulas

Fast, Great Results

We know the more cars you can do the better your business will grow

Learn in Under an hour

No Experience Necessary

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Highest Quality Toners

Our Paints are specially formulated to dry shiny and harden on their own. You won't need use a Clear Coat, making the repair much faster.

Our competitors usually will send out just a base coat. Or in some cases, because their paints are so thin require the use of putty.

Preselected Paints

Any Size Kit You Need

We can make a 10 Color Paint Kit or a 250 Color paint kit.  If you need a kit for a particular vehicle manufacturer, we can do that as well.


If you know the colors you need, let us know. If you want to choose from colors that we know work with multiple formulas check out or pre-determined color swatch.

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IMAC's 200 Colors

If you want a kit from our most popular and diverse 200 colors here they are.

Click details to get a better view.

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Any Size You Need

Most Kits come in either 1 oz or 2 oz sizes with certain colors like Black, White, and Silver coming in 4 oz cans.


If you know you use a lot of a particular Color you can order in a 1 oz bottle, 2 oz bottle, 4oz Can or Bottle, 8 oz Can, 16 oz Can, 32 oz Can, or Gallon Can.


1 oz of paint can repair up to 20 vehicles depending on specific damage. And we have chosen our bottles and cans to provide the longest shelf life possible. Cans can be resealed, and bottles come shrink wrapped extending the shelf life even longer.

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Why choose IMAC?

Over 30 years experience in the industry


Only purchase what you need or want

quality gauranteed

Not happy with something? Let us know and we will make it right


Let our experienced techs answer your questions

World Wide

Supplying Professionals in The US, Canada, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the UK


Learn our method in under and hour

fastest repair

Our method and systems are designed for the fastest repair


All orders are processed within 24-48 hours, some same day

Quick Support

We reply to all inquires within 24 hours

Choose the best Kit

Our Kits are designed with Years of experience and information gleaned from retail sales around the world

20 Paint kit


  • 20 1oz or 2oz colors

  • Excess Paint remover

  • Training

  • Support

  • Quality Gaurantee

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50 paint kit


  • 50 1oz or 5oz colors

  • Excess Paint remover

  • Training

  • Support

  • Quality Gaurantee

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100 paint kit


  • 100 1oz or 100 2oz colors

  • Excess Paint remover

  • Training

  • Support

  • Quality Gaurantee

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Learn in under an hour

No experience necessary

  • Learn by watching short training videos

  • Practice on your own vehicle

  • Guaranteed resources

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Learn how to Prep the Vehicle

Watch a short video on the best way to prep the vehicle your working on.

  • Taking inventory of your supplies

  • Using the best tools to prep your work area

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Learn several techniques for the best way to paint on any part of the vehicle

Learn the best way for flat surfaces, vertical surfaces and other not so easy areas to work on.

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Starting at $72.23/month*
Finishing your repair

Clean up and protecting your repair.

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